AT THE CORE, as a collection, is published by Image Design, sponsored by the PAAC/Illinois Arts Council, 2000. Illustration & Design: Keith Berry. This collection contains many of the poems on the website, examples of the poet’s first work, as well as the following previously published in the following various anthologies:


Planting, When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, ed. Sandra Martz, Papier Mache Press, Watsonville, CA, 1987. Also Audio-Literature, Berkeley, CA, Read by Ellen Burstyn & CCH Pounder. Televised, Grow Old Along With Me, Maryland PBS & Yellow Dog Studios, performed by Richard Kylie & Julie Harris, New River Media, Washington, DC, 1999.

Homemaker, Filtered Images, ed. Susan Aglietti, Vintage Press, Orinda, CA, 1992.

Peacetime & Full Circle, Korone, Vol. VI, Womanspace Ctr, Inc., Rockford, IL, 1990. Also The Unitarian Universalist Poets, Puddinghouse Publications, Johnston, OH, 1996.

The Star & John or Other Common Names, Korone, Vol. VII, Womanspace Ctr., Inc., Rockford, IL 1992.

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Inheritance, The Tie That Binds, ed. Sandra Martz, Papier Mache Press, Watsonville, CA, 1988.

Burial, Sunrust Magazine, Spring-Summer, Dawn Valley, PA, 1989.

At the Core, Korone, Vol. IX, Womanspace Ctr., Inc., Rockford, IL, 1996.

Our Daily Bread, Volume Number Magazine, #7, Los Angeles, CA, 1990.

A Gathering of Bones, Americas Review: Writing of the Political Movements, #5, Berkeley, CA, 1992.

Women Friends, Less Is More, Earth’s Daughters #37, Buffalo, NY, 1991.

The Tree, Cries of the Spirit, ed. Marilyn Sewell, Beacon Press, Harvard University Divinity School, Boston University Press, 1991. Poem reviewed by M. Doretta Cornell, in “Mother of All Living,” Crosscurrents, 55:4, Winter, Canada, 2005.

Essence of Mineral & A Grasp of the Divine, Korone, Tenth Anniversary Edition, Womanspace Ctr., Inc., Rockford, IL, 1998.


Weather Vane, Conversing with Mystery, ed. Elizabeth Gray, CD Audio, Hospice Poetry Recording Project, Seattle, WA, 2005.

Wedding Day, Red Silk: A Red Tent Anthology, Womanspace Ctr., Inc., 2011

Star Stuff, Moon Journal: Nature, ed. Mary Ber, Vol. 11 & 12, Fall/Winter 2006 & Spring/Summer 2006, Oro Valley, AZ. Also in At Wood’s Edge, Poetry Committee, UU Church, Peoria, IL, 2010.

The Sacred Grove, Moon Journal: Community, ed. Christine Swanberg, Vol. XI, Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2006. Funded by Rockford, IL Area/Illinois Arts Council. Originally written as a dedication for the Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria, IL.

Soul Spreading, 3rd place Winner, Butterfly Chronicles, The Butterfly Tree, Vol. II, No. 5, 1998.

The Good War, At Wood’s Edge, Poetry Committee, UU Church, Peoria, IL, 2010. Often requested for Veteran’s Day programs.

One Woman, as yet unpublished, but as a tribute to women political figures, it is often requested at public reading and events.



Willow Writing, aka, Alive and Writing and from the Midwest, Lead Story, Jane’s Stories, eds. Glenda Bailey-Mershon, et al, Wild Dove Studio and Press, Inc., Palatine, IL, 1994. Excerpts also appear in the print version of At the Core, 2000.

Survivors, Korone, Vol. VIII. Womanspace Ctr., Inc., 1994.

Molasses and Cream, aka, Moment of China/Moment of Stone, Korone: Tenth Anniversary Edition, Womanspace Ctr., Inc., 1998.

So Where’s The Cure?
Diagnosis: Room 210, Illness & Grace/Terror & Transformation, eds. Heather Tosteson & Charles D. Brockett, Wising Up Press, Decatur, GA, 2007. Also in Reflections On A Life With Diabetes, eds. Diane M. Parker, LCSW & Ruth Mark, Ph.D., Publishing, Inc., College Station TX, 2004. Excerpts have been requested in writing/healing workshops.



1968, Down State Story, Vol. IV, Downstate Story Inc., Peoria, IL, 1995.

A Way of Life, Iowa Woman, Vol. 4, No. 3, Summer, Iowa Woman Endeavors, Iowa City, IA, 1983.

Face to Face, Lead Story, Down State Story, Vol. I, Downstatestory Inc., Peoria, IL 1997.

First Runner Up (1975) & Rendezvous (1979), University of AZ (Tucson), Graduate School Competition Winners.

Growing Up Together, aka White Girl, The Heartlands Today: A Cultural Quilt, Vol. 2, Firelands Writing Ctr./College, Huron, OH, 1992.

The Lion, the Lamb, and the Guardian Angel, 1st Prize in Prose, Korone, Vol. VIII. Womanspace Ctr., Inc., 1994.

Lucid Moments, Down State Story, Vol. VIII, Downstate Story Inc., Peoria, IL, 1999.

Not the Virgin Mary, Down State Story, Vol. V, Downstate Story Inc., Peoria, IL 1996.

Recalling Persephone, Jane’s Stories II, ed. Glenda Bailey-Mershon, Wild Dove Studio and Press, Inc., Palatine, IL, 2000.

Tender Morsels, aka Mayor Ben, Lead Story, Downstate Story, Vol. II, Downstate Story, Inc., Peoria, IL, 1993.

Vital Signs, aka The Buddy System, Honorable Mention, Writers Digest 1999 Writing Competition.

OF CARBON AND ASH (in process)

Pillars of Flame, Lead Story, Women’s Words, Number Five, Three Women Press, Maynard, MA, Fall, 1999.