These short pieces are autobiographical in nature. I know that there is controversy as to the reliability of memory, but I simply give in to the fact that my memory is the one that afflicts or comforts me, and so I try to sort out stories and truth within it. Certain things come together in the mind that may, in fact, have taken many months or years in actual time, but hopefully a point or meaning come through.

Selected Essays

Molasses and Cream*
Willow Writing*

So Where’s the Cure?

As to the essays on living life as a Type One Diabetic (since age 11)—I finally felt as an adult, I had to confront this great darkness that came over my life before I could feel free. This has proven to be emotionally true. When I was growing up, I simply lived by the rule that I would have an adventurous, but normal life, and I pretty much have—except for “the writing thing.” For more on my fifty-plus years of experience as a Type I diabetic, please feel free to visit and follow my blog, Diabetes: A Life Sentence?, at

Type 1: Room 210*
Insulin Anyone?
Hi! Hi! Hi!
Lo! Lo! Lo!
Down to Sleep
Damaged Goods
The Fat Lady Sings
Complications, Complications
Not So Depressing Depression

*-indicates published and/or prize winner