A Grasp of the Divine

She is old.
My gift a feeble
Offering chocolate
Bone thin fingers
Pinch, they pluck,
Beckon and soar
Become a bird’s
Flight laden with
Message, shadow
Play against a
Nursing home wall.
Have time, child,
Only for what is
Sweet in life,
Ripened garden red
Cherries bursting
Finally free from
Tangled limbs bent
Toward a promise of
Opening, blossoms
Born again up into
Celestial morning,
Burgundy cream
Light prevailing
Momentarily against
Darkness spilling
Over veined hands
Waving away evening,
Be not afraid of
Surprise, love come
Late in life holds
Every possibility
For ending well if
Love ever truly ends
After all, desire
Spread across an
Eternal afternoon
Can be so rich,
Luscious nectar to the
Tongue, just one more
Swallow of pleasure,
Seize the chance at
Yet another delicious
New beginning.