Reviews of At The Core

At The Core pierces our universal experiences, chronicling the ways that family and friends set our boundaries while also freeing us to seek new paths. Cinda Thompson’s words will break your heart, stir your memories, and give you hope.”
Sandra Martz,
Editor, When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

“Cinda Thompson creates lines that are lyrical, deep, melodic, and narrative. These poems sing with sincerity, humility, and truth. They sing of coal miners, farmers, family heritage, and home. At The Core delivers the goods, truly reaching into the poet’s and the reader’s core. This is a book of praise, thoughtful illumination and affirmation.”
Christine Swanberg, multi-award winning poet

“Work, family, love – this the sacred trinity of Cinda Thompson’s At The Core. It’s no wonder doorways pose a central metaphor here, for these poems forge pathways to politics as local as garden dirt and as global as war. With artful plain talk, this voice celebrates desire and its redemptive embrace.”
Kevin Stein, Bradley University, multi-award winning poet, Illinois Poet Laureate